Lubachka, A Novel in Progress


Lubachka” is a novel-in-progress based on the early childhood of Natasha’s mother, Luba (Lubachka is an affectionate diminutive for a child) the only one of her siblings to survive infancy and spend her early years in labor and concentration camps, enduring starvation, and witnessing the brutal killings and torture of loved ones, before tasting her first chocolate, wearing her first new article of clothing, and attending her first school in a displaced person’s camp in Germany. (Read excerpts in pre-novel form)

  • Unpublished Novel, tentatively titled “Hedgies”

A fictionalized tale of socioeconomics, the hedge fund industry and the relationship between women and children. First draft completed in 2010. To be edited and sent to publishers upon completion of “Lubachka”.

Publishers and agents interested in these novels can contact Natasha.