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Nobody was more shocked than Natasha’s mother when said was transferring from general news to business news at The Associated Press in February 2005. After serving as a supervisory editor on what was then-called AP’s General Desk (GEN) and later became the National Desk (NAT), where Natasha was among the team of editors that oversaw coverage of world-changing news events such as 9/11, she witnessed the news cycle and flow change dramatically as wire journalism underwent massive transformation with the proliferation of digital media. Since then, her commissioned work has become predominantly focused on business, finance, and economics. She has written for multiple mainstream and trade media outlets, including For examples of IR and PR writing in finance, click on that section

Natasha has been writing a monthly column on personal and consumer finance for Better Investing magazine since February 2010. For recent copies from the print magazine, contact Natasha. Earlier samples can be found here.

Market Structure Redux: Can the Capital Markets Be Reformed on a Broken Foundation? (Markets Media) This is one dozens of articles Natasha wrote as founding Editor-in-Chief of Markets Media. For copies of print magazine articles including manager profiles and and analysis, contact Natasha.

One Explanation for Why CEO Pay has Skyrocketed (Chicago Booth Review)

CEO pay at S&P 500 companies tripled between 1992 and 2001, far outpacing raises paid to other members of the top 1 percent of US households. That marked a dramatic break from the trends established in both preceding and subsequent years, according to research by Chicago Booth’s Kelly Shue and Dartmouth College’s Richard Townsend. (Read Full Article)

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Investing in Europe’s Fastest-Growing Economy (CNBC)

Turkey’s roaring economy has earned it the nickname “New Tiger” among foreign investors — who are pouring money into a country that spans Europe, Asia and the Middle East in one of the most volatile regions of the world. Is that a risky investment strategy? Most experts say no. With its security provided by its NATO membership and a secular government in place, Turkey is a stable country, even as it allegedly trains rebels seeking to overthrow Bashar Assad as president of neighboring Syria. (Read Full Article) 

How to Invest in a Powerhouse Emerging Market (CNBC)

Turkey’s stock market, dominated by a highly-regarded banking sector and flourishing consumer goods industry, is easy for foreign investors to access. (Read Full Article)

Behind the Momentum Reversal

For the first two months of 2014, investors could earn outsize returns by simply following the market’s momentum, selling underperforming emerging markets equities and buying outperforming small-caps and growth stocks. But in March, those momentum trades reversed without warning. The upheaval in momentum trades has led some to think that we’re witnessing a break in the post-financial crisis bull market, but Credit Suisse’s global equities strategy team disagrees. (Read Full Article)